Mask Wearing Tips!

Take Off Your Mask:

To take off your mask, make sure your hands are clean, grasp it by the straps, not the face and wash your hands afterwards just in case. 

Wash Your Mask!

The CDC & WHO recommend washing your mask after every usage. We wash ours every day. (Good reason to have one for every day of the week!) BringIt! Masks are machine washable & dryable, but we air dry ours to extend their life. 


Here is a good link with more detailed information:

How To Wear Cloth Face Coverings

Bye-Bye Foggy Glasses:

To stop your glasses from fogging while wearing a mask, apply a little bit of dish soap and water to them. Don't rinse it off! It should be clear when it dries and will prevent fogging! (Or you can try the scuba / snorkel method and spit on them, but eeeew. We don't recommend that.)




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