Tips on the Wear and Care of Your Reusable Cotton Face Mask

Face masks! Who isn't tired of wearing a face mask? We are. And yet, we have built a business around them. Because, let's face it...for the time being we are stuck with them. And for us, making lemonade is preferable to sucking on sour lemons*. We wanted to keep our friends and neighbors safe by wearing our masks, so we made them organic and extra comfy. We made them in fun colors to brighten your day and encourage your kids (and ours!) to wear them. We're making good old-fashioned lemonade. And to make it extra sweet, we want to share a few tips we've gathered in the process to help you get the most out of your BringIt! Masks. 

*Watch for our upcoming recipes to turn sour lemons into unexpected summer delight.

How To Put On Your Mask:

It may be obvious to most, but wash your hands before you touch your mask.

Hold your mask by the lower elastic strap.

Woman puts on red and fuschia BringIt! mask

Slide the lower elastic over your head so it is hanging around your neck.

Pick up the top straps and raise the mask over your nose and mouth.

Woman puts on red and fuschia BringIt! mask

Woman puts on red and fuschia BringIt! mask

Secure the strap at the top or back of your head.

Woman adjusts elastic head strap of face mask

Tighten the top strap by pulling on the lower strap.

 Woman adjusts elastic head strap of face mask

Hold onto the loose ends of the elastic and slide the cord lock toward your neck. 

Woman adjusts the elastic head strap of her face mask

This may sound complicated, but it's not. We just broke it down for you. Following this method ensures a snug, comfortable fit with minimal gap around your nose and mouth and keeps the inside of your mask clean. 

Wearing Your Mask:

It's simple. Unless you live down a country lane with no one for miles around, put on your mask when you go out and leave it on until you are back in your car or at home. Resist the urge to fuss with it. And please avoid touching the front of your mask. If you need to adjust it or give yourself a breather, handle the mask by the elastic.

We made our masks as breathable, comfortable and form-fitting as possible to encourage you to wear it. And if you feel good. You'll look good. Just like our gorgeous model. 

Woman models red and fuschia face mask

Bye-Bye Foggy Glasses:

To stop your glasses from fogging while wearing a mask, apply a little bit of dish soap and water to them. Don't rinse it off! It should be clear when it dries and will prevent fogging! (Or you can try the scuba / snorkel method and spit on them, but eeeew. We don't recommend that.)

Take Off Your Mask:

Again, please wash your hands before you remove your mask. Grasp the sides of the top elastic and slide it over your head. Then, do the same with the lower elastic. Sure, you can rip the whole thing off at once, but we just find this method helps maintain the adjusted fit of your mask. And as a curly haired gal myself, I find that this prevents me from pulling my hair. Best to wash your hands afterward and hang the mask on its own hook or throw it right in the wash.

Wash Your Mask!

The CDC & WHO recommend washing your mask after every usage. We wash ours every day. (Good reason to have one for every day of the week!) BringIt! Masks are machine washable & dryable, but we air dry ours to extend their life. And of course, if you just love to hand wash your garments, gather your dirty masks together during the week for a Sunday mask washing party. 

Here is a good link with more detailed information:

How To Wear Cloth Face Coverings





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