9 Tips To Help Get Your Kid To Wear a Face Mask

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With the freedom of outdoor summer fun waning and the school year quickly approaching, are you lying awake at night wondering what school might look like for your family? Will you be trapped at home with distance learning? Or will your kids be going back to school? When you hear that kids, as young as 3, will be required to wear face masks at their school and daycare this year, do you think “Masks? I can’t even get my kid to wear shoes!”?

You aren’t alone. Just take a breath, because you’ve got this.  READ MORE....



    Reference: https://www.healthychildren.org/English/health-issues/conditions/COVID-19/Pages/Cloth-Face-Coverings-for-Children-During-COVID-19.aspx


     Photos by Kristen Messina & Annie Tlusty. 

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